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Real Sound Stereo MC Phono Cartridge Series

ZYX’ original and unrivaled perfectly balanced sound (Perfect Sound) technology giving equal quality of sound to the left and right channels by drawing straight the original sound groove on a record.

Dynamic, colorless, and transparent Real Stereo sound image.

Special technology in coil winding in two opponent directions employed to fully convert recorded signals to audio electronic signals.

The same sound balance at both left and right channels, being real and natural enough to induce you to listen the record again.

The factors that can be documented as data of an audio component such as frequency response and distortion characteristics are only two dimension i.e. frequency (x) and level (y), whereas a sound is structured by three dimensional factors including time (z). Then a question comes how the time (z) response is presented in an audio equipment. ZYX found that exactly the time factor Z is very important to represent playback sound quality. Analog recording that contains the same continuously sequential Z information as the sound in natural world is essential in real sound playback as known, and makes it possible to reproduce sounds that are natural and clear, three dimensional image oriented, and sensitive and wide range.

Servicing of ZYX products:
"We decline to give repair or any other services to the product that a user purchased from black or backstreet market or webshop other than the products sold by ZYX official distributor and their dealer. We are, however, ready to check and/or service on payment basis a defective product even if bought not from our official distributor/dealer if you contact them for instructions to return the unit to Japan."