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Rigid Float Tonearm "Evanui "signature Technology Distributors

Rigid Float Tonearm
“Rigid Float” tonearm ..more

Absolutely brand new tonearm with the OIL FLOATED PIVOT and the NO OFFSET-ANGLE STRUCTURE. Easy installation, just to put anywhere. Now with the original headshell “Nelson Hold” .
Rigid Float Tonearm

The Speaker Where Muse Lives
"Evanui signature" ..more

"Evanui signature" is the ViV laboratory's flagship speaker. "Evanui" means "vanish" in Latin. Good speakers make us forget their existence. ViV laboratory's speaker line up, "evanui series", vanish when they play back music. To make it true, most effort was exerted to convert amplifier's electrical signal to acoustic vibration precisely as possible. ViV laboratory attached overriding importance to its design, too.

FDM Driver - ViV Lab finally reached to realize the dream of speaker engineers. Their original FDM Driver has neither surround nor dumper, then the diaphragm has no mechanical contact except voice coil lead wire. This means that the diaphragm floats mechanically (Floating Diaphragm Mechanism). This evolutionary driver can play back sound with very low distortion and covers so wide frequency range that it needs neither extra woofer nor extra tweeter. This brings us additional big merit that we need no dividing network any more. So, the FDM Driver can avoid both electrical and mechanical distortion.

3" diaphragm of the FDM Driver is made of pure magnesium that is very light, strong and low resonance. The surface of the diaphragm is coated with URUSHI, Japanese traditional natural paint.

The magnetic circuit of the FDM Driver is powered to the limit with extra large neodymium magnet and pure iron parts.