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SCB-CS Series

Audio Racks Sound Creation Board Insulators Distributors

High grade products with features to improve sound quality and a style that will match your interior furnishings

SCB-CS35D (pair set)
* Size: 350W x 450D x 55H mm
* Weight: 6.5kg per board
* Size: 500W x 450D x 55H mm
* Weight: 9kg
* Size: 650W x 600D x 55H mm
* Weight: 15.5kg
* Size: 750W x 600D x 55H mm
* Weight: 18.5kg

* With unique 5 layer structure, these boards, among the thickest of all audio boards, reduce floor resonance dramatically.

* The natural oak used on the surface imbues the sound with a soft quality.

* The wood and color tone of the mock dark oak finish make an excellent complement to your audio equipment.

SCB-CS finish: dark oak

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