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Field Coil Driver Units

Field Coil Driver Units Speaker Systems SIT Amplifier

Field Coil type Electro Dynamic Drivers
Maxonic philosophy in development of speakers is "to be faithful to the original sound, and to ideally reproduce music". Perfect dissolution of time lag and phase contrast in reproduced sound wave, and ultimate sound image orientation. All these have been realized by the shape, cross section of which is as shown below. The 'Field Coil' type driver ideally emits sounds from a single plane and presents ultimate sound stage unachievable by a permanent magnetic type speaker.

Field Coil Coaxial 15" Full Range Driver
World first perfect synchronous coax in field coil category, world heaviest full range unit
Tens of years ago Maxonic was marketing the famed DS-405 driver. The DS701 inherited the basic technology to position mid and high range diaphragm from DS405; the diaphragm sits coaxially and and in phase, and replaced permanent type to field coil type magnetic circuit. Labors of Hercules have been achieved in the DS701.

Model T501 W401 S301 DS701
Type Field Coil Tear Drop Power Tweeter Field Coil 38cm (15") Woofer Unit Field Coil Compression Driver Field Coil 2 Way Dual Speaker Unit
Music Input Power 60W 150W 60W 150W
Rated Input Power 30W 30W 30W 30W
Frequency Response 3,000Hz ~ 25,000Hz 25Hz ~ 2,000Hz 400Hz ~ 20,000Hz 25Hz ~ 20,000Hz
Sensitivity 110dB 104dB 108dB 104dB
Impedance 8 ohm 8 ohm 8 ohm 8 ohm
Magnetic Flux 20,000 Gauss 16,000 Gauss 20,000 Gauss HF Unit 20,000 Gauss
LF Unit 16,000 Gauss
Voice Coil Diameter 45mm 76mm 45mm HF Unit 45mm
LF Unit 76mm
Size 150 dia. X 150 D mm 402 dia. X 200 dia. mm 150 dia. X 140 D mm 402 dia. X 200 dia. mm
Weight 13kg 25kg 10kg 40kg
Exciter Voltage 12VDC (optional EX-101 Exciter (power supply)) 12VDC (optional EX-101 Exciter (power supply)) 12VDC (optional EX-101 Exciter (power supply)) Requires 2 EX-101 optional Exciters. 12VDC for each HF and LF unit
Accessory DN210 network

EX-101 Field Coil Exciter
(Power Supply) SID used (static induction diode)
EX-101 Exciter is required for every field coil type speaker from Maxonic. It supplies 10/11/12/13V in 4 steps to each field coil enabling selection of sound quality depending on music category.

Output Voltage 10~13V; 1V step
Input Voltage 100/120/220/230/240VAC (switchable at the terminal inside the unit)
Size 180W x 140H x 360D mm

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