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SIBATECH had been appointed as the export agent for Royal-Sangyo Co., Saitama, Japan who designs and manufactures various speaker drivers and parts, and field coil speaker systems (housed in wooden enclosures). CLICK !

Ask us anything about Audio Equipment. We export high quality Japanese audio dquipments from the manufacturers including KONDO, MACTONE, FAL, FIDELIX, etc. Please click on the brand name you wish to view. For business terms and conditions, please email us using " Contact Us" tag.

FIDELIX: Founded in April, 1976 by Shin Nakagawa, a former SONY engineer and a holder of numerous audio related patents. Very active in developments of new concept audio equipments and accessories.
Including his unique tonearms named “Zero-SideForce” and “Pure Straight” Sibatech represents FIDELIX as the international export agent.CLICK !