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MH-104S MH-124SMH-104S MH-124S

Resolution of Harmonic Distortion incurred by mechanical vibration loss:
In order to collect faithfully the signals grooved in an analog disc, it is essential to determine appropriate rigidity and mass of a tone-arm which must be united with a phono cartridge.
Generally mechanical vibration coming out from a cantilever is not all converted in generator section resulting in loss with a little amount of vibration remaining in the arm. This worsens the rise of sound, as harmonic overtone (distortion) is added and shifted to high frequency range only to lessen gain in bass and subtle portions. In THE GLANZ we hunkered down especially for this point with our technologies and know-how accumulated over the ages.

Insight Technology detected eddy and jump of Resonance Spread:
THE GLANZ has been designed with special persistency by experienced and keen-eyed Meister in order that a cartridge and a tone-arm are physically united. The Meister foresaw gravity, moment, and resonance spread, and to cancel these he selected and incorporated damper materials. Further, stainless steel as tone-arm body was composed under strict conditions for machining precision and cutting process. Naturally the work has been achieved with painstaking technique beyond a handcrafted product level by completing one by one like an artwork. Finishing process is to monitor strictly records from each music category of renowned and excellent performances to give final alignment of minute points.

Sound Purity evolved from the structure tranquillo like a Japanese sword:
Thus THE GLANZ is ultimate in simplicity and purity having eliminated all waste and fat, being docked with sophisticated arm-lift. A version without arm-lift is an option. THE GLANZ works no matter with any cartridge from massive Orton to light weight type.

High Quality Workmanship like an artwork:
We dared to name this tone-arm THE GLANZ curved with moderate and beautiful figure, well balanced quantum, high rigidity visible from the luster of top grade stainless steel body. All these are the results after having refused to give dress-up and color. You will experience with vivid clarity the original sound and resence once you came across THE GLANZ modishly reborn.

static balance
Effective/Active Length
Offset Angle
Stylus Pressure Adjustable Range
0.25g (minimum scale) ~ 3g (1 circle)
Suitable Phono Cartridge( w/headshell)
Height Adjustable Range
41~ 70mm
Mounting Hole
30mm dia. (option: 24mm dia.)
Mounting Depth
~ 30mm
head-shell, mounting screw x 4, hex wrench x 2

MH-4S Head-shell
MH-4S Head-shell
Material: Integral shell and plug of machined stainless steel
Leadwire: Stranded OFC
Mass: 12g (including leadwires and screws)
Mounting Screws: stainless steel 2.6mm dia. X 16mm x 2 pcs./stainless steel 2.6mm dia. X 12mm x 2 pcs.,/stainless steel nut 2.6mm dia. X 2 pcs.

MH-B244S 24mm dia. Base
MH-B244S 24mm dia. Base
Material: Machined stainless steel
Mass: 340g

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